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Signature Menu

Our range of Artisan handcrafted chocolate jewels is like no other. Our 5, 10 and 15 piece gift boxes are great for any occasion.

Chocolate Fondue using only the finest coverture with 4 seasonal fruit

Theobroma Hot Chocolates are simply exquisite served in our famous Mug ‘n’ Warmer where a flame keeps your chocolate hot till the last drop. Choosing between our milk, dark and white hot chocolate is the hard part.

Not your average tea, so try a Darjeeling second flush for something special.

Freshly made waffles drizzled with molten Belgian Coverture Chocolate

Fresh strawberries with molten Belgian coverture chocolate dip

Locally roasted exclusive to Theobroma, using the highest quality 7 bean blend of beans to make the perfect flavour. We know you’ll love our blend so much so that we have made it available to purchase in store so that you can take it home and enjoy.

Pancakes served with Ice Cream and drizzled in Maple Syrup

Our special blend of Milkshakes that will put a smile on your face.

Our delectable frappe of many flavours whether coffee or chocolate based- the ideal brain freeze drinks for summer or for the adventurous in winter

Drizzled with molten Belgian coverture Chocolate